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It can be incredibly daunting and difficult to write about yourself, so lets start with a few descriptive words; I'm a Mother, an artist, a love lover, word collector, modern witch, travelling photographer, treasure hunter. I'm in love with communication and storytelling, especially through visuals. I can't say no to a good black and white, a good book, or good denim. I have been a photographer for many, many, (many) years and currently shoot both digital and film with equal fondness. I paint primarily with water-colour but have been known to use whatever I have handy to get my vision out into the world. I also have a background of graphic design/digital art, and deeply love vintage graphic t-shirts.

A few last strange and contradicting things about me to leave you with: I am a serious introvert (INFJ for those who know) who loves public speaking, am incredibly nurturing but cannot keep a plant alive, and a morning person who does her best work at night. Looking forward to connecting with more weirdos as I go.

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