What exactly does a creative director do? 

A creative director determines the creative vision of a brand or project and manifests that vision through digital, print and film installations. The job is to maintain a cohesive look and feel of a project—be it an advertising campaign, fashion line, video game or magazine—by ensuring the visuals, messaging and/or interactive and motion designs are on point. A creative director also establishes budgets and timelines and manages client relationships.

How does that apply to a job?

Basically, I'm a main course of a wildly creative mind, a side dish of aesthetic style, and the dessert of hyper attention to detail. I have a secret talent of taking a bunch of vague ideas and suggestions (often times from multiple sources) and turn it into something tangible and incredible. Managing. the creative talents needed to bring your project to life -  be it an art installation, marketing campaign, promotional event, film production, or an other visually creative  project.  



Greater Toronto Area, available worldwide.

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