A successful brand represents the combined voice of the company, and should give a clear idea of the sum of parts including customer service, reputation, advertising and logo. When all of the parts of your business are working well together, the overall brand tends to be healthier and long lasting! Investing in your visual brand will benefit you in many ways, namely;

• Deliver a message clearly and succinctly

• Reaffirm your credibility

• Build an emotional connect with your audience

• Generate goodwill and loyalty

• Motivate your potential audience to buy or take the next step

My custom branding kits include a detailed questionnaire to help you dig deep into your companies core and pull out its true heart! Including custom logos, fonts, color palette, and more. Additional add-ons available including packaging design, branded marketing materials, business cards, and more. 


An extension of your brands visual fingerprint is your web presence! It is impossible to reach your highest potential as a company without a solid online presence. A custom web design based on your branding board is available on many different hosting platforms including WIX, Squarespace, Bluehost, and Wordpress. 

Whether it's building off an existing website/online store. or starting from scratch I can customize the ideal website for your brand, build an e-commerce or online store, accept payments and create input data forms, along with creative copy.


Extending your visual brand into all the details of your business is just as important as a clean and functioning website. Showing up on social media, email marketing, and physical advertising with a cohesive and affective design is the key to continuity. Creating custom marketing materials such as social media ads, physical marketing ads, newsletters, presentations and pitch decks are my favourite! 

Take your presentations and ideas to another level with artistic and exciting designs, effective copy, and engaging information to support your vision. 


When looking for brand recognition in your marketing plan, having a logo that reflects the creative, personal, professional or unique industry of your business is key to it all. Logo creation is included in all branding kits, but also available on its own if you just need a little. refresher. 


Greater Toronto Area, available worldwide.

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