File Size:  3000 x 3500 px

Artist: MJ, The Dark Heartist
Created In: Procreate

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Edition: 1 of 1
Listed: Opensea 
(Polygon Network)
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Smart Contract Details: 
Collectors receive MP4 file of digital artwork, as well as  .PNG of accompanying still image. Digital folder containing any in progress photos/videos of the piece, and exclusive video from the artist describing the inspiration/story of the artwork.

Collectors also receive access to the artists private social media, to interact with the creation process, ask questions, and get first access to any future artwork collections.

Original Collector has their choice of a video NFT print from Infinite Objects, or a matte art print of the static image, framed. The Original Collector also receives a DRK.HRT physical collectors token (pictured below).  

Behind The Artwork:
Have you ever seen those displays of different insects pinned up behind glass? My Mom used to love them, and started collecting the bodies of dead insects and spray paint them with metallic spray paint and pin them to our wall as decoration. This idea of decorative insects is something I have painted before (visit painting here) and wanted to re-imagine in in this series.

Another element of this artwork is the embroidery style stitches that I used on the moths themselves. I have been embroidering my watercolour paintings in different ways trying to add 3D elements to a 2D painting - I thought it would be cool to try it again digitally. 

Close Up


Physical Item Mockups

Coin Mockup.png


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